Friday, February 20, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Mayor LePage on Baldacci Reducing Funding To Municipalities

Post shows video of Governor Lepage as Mayor Lepage rampaging Governor Baldacci for reducing funding to municipalities,which Governor Lepage now wants to eliminate entirely, supporting the theory which I hold to be true that the state of Maine, as now transformed into the Development Corporation of Maine seeks to eliminate local governing power in Maine and to remove the inhabitants of the state that pose obstacles to the corporations development ambitions.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: How the Maine Legislature Robbed the Department of Corrections to Fund Industry Partnerships

Governor LePage is deploring the Maine State Department of Corrections for unsound fiscal management due to a shortfall of $2500000.00 but in 2013 the state depleted the Department of Corrections budget of almost as much in order to fund the state's latests business investment program called Industry Partnerships. My comment pointing this out is once again scrubbed from the Bangor Daily News but not before I took this screen shot.