Thursday, December 11, 2014

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Christmas Banned at The University of Maine ( A Corporate Instrumentality of the State! )

WBAI reports that the Christmas decorations at the University of Maine were up a few days ago and have now all come down. An anonymous university "spokesperson" has issued a statement. The media cannot identify who issued the directive. In 1981 the Maine State legislature deemed the University of Maine to be a corporate instrumentality of the state. In 1995 the Maine legislature authorized itself to have jurisdiction over education at the University of Maine. Since about 2002 a minor in Marxist and Socialist Studied has been instituted at The University of Maine. In 2013 the Maine legislature sold a piece of the University of Maine to the Confucius Institute and passed a statute affirming Maine's friendship with Communist China declaring "shared values". Is the Maine State legislature also behind the banning of Christmas at the University of Maine?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Governor Longley's Architects Of Transformation

Added more to this post about the Architects of Maine s transformation from state functioning as a free enterprise system to a state centrally managed by a power elite and a deeply entrenched system of state corporation which is fundamentally repugnant to the Maine State Constitution. This post goes back to 1976 when Governor Longley brought in the heads of Maine industry to reinvent Maine's governing system. While the Governor and the Legislature had taken oaths of loyalty to the Maine Constitution, the heads of Industry had not. This powerful faction advised the heads of government to pass legislation allowing the tax system to be appropriated to the benefit of the profit motives of private investors.

Monday, December 8, 2014

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