Friday, October 31, 2014

     Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Why Maine Should Say NO to Bonds!

Since around 1977, the Maine State legislature has established a deeply entrenched network of unconstitutional state corporations, which has transformed, in practice, Maine State to Maine State Inc, operating for the benefit of corporate profits and using all as instrumentalities of the state (corporation). Every election the legislature presents a full package of bonds for public approval which are used to finance the on-going operations of Maine State Inc. These bonds are presented with the usual glossy surface rhetoric of creating jobs but to understand their full purpose, one needs to look deeper at the statutes that have entrenched Maine State Inc over the Maine State Constitution as the governing authority of Maine. This posts provides a glimpse into what lies below the glossy surface and copacetic rhetoric used to market the bonds to the public and is based on five years of independent research into Maine economic development legislation. Maine Just Say NO to Bonds!

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