Thursday, December 11, 2014

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Christmas Banned at The University of Maine ( A Corporate Instrumentality of the State! )

WBAI reports that the Christmas decorations at the University of Maine were up a few days ago and have now all come down. An anonymous university "spokesperson" has issued a statement. The media cannot identify who issued the directive. In 1981 the Maine State legislature deemed the University of Maine to be a corporate instrumentality of the state. In 1995 the Maine legislature authorized itself to have jurisdiction over education at the University of Maine. Since about 2002 a minor in Marxist and Socialist Studied has been instituted at The University of Maine. In 2013 the Maine legislature sold a piece of the University of Maine to the Confucius Institute and passed a statute affirming Maine's friendship with Communist China declaring "shared values". Is the Maine State legislature also behind the banning of Christmas at the University of Maine?

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