Thursday, December 25, 2014

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Why Two Terms Of Agreement on The New England Foundation For The Arts Website ?

In 2007 I found the New England Foundation For The Arts website and data base and went to sign up but when I looked at the Terms of Agreement I was shocked as it literally claimed rights over what was published through its services for all of eternity, everywhere with no exit .In addition it claims the right to change the work while insisting that the user forgo all rights to sue and any moral rights and more. Since then I have been off and on again corresponding with NEFA, only to be dismissed. Recently I learned that there are now two Terms of Agreement on the NEFA website.- one which displays when one registers and another- the one I have been protesting for seven years- in the footer- both claiming to be the ultimate authority-and both appearing at first to be identical, except for one subtle difference in the two paragraphs. This post includes some observations about the difference and thoughts on what it means and why.- from a layman's view.

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