Monday, June 13, 2011

New from Atticle

'i saw my mother in me today' by atticle

~thanks to sensitivecircus for lending the title & inspiring this collection~

Eerie Stillness, Finish...

tiny SEA FAN drop

Buttery Yellow Vintage ...

Vintage glass cake plat...

I Saw My Mother in Me T...

Antique Treadle Sewing ...

handmade pendleton wool...

Copper and Gunmetal Ham...

Ball and Chain necklace

Stunning Silver Stallio...


Midnight Blue Lotus Bow...

The Kite 1 asymmetrical...

Windup Bird Cage

English Deer Pin

Vintage Industrial Chic...

I started this blog as an option to the Etsy point system- And Yet, it is still there as an influence. This treasury was created in the last seven hours and so comments and clicks count toward front page placement.

I like this collection's atmospheric quality. I love the mysterious & mystical quality of the photo from JoeNoonPhotography. It reminds me of the time many years ago when I took a ride through the woods in Kingfield Maine at dusk until every thing turned absolutely pitch black and I could see a very dim light off in the distance which became brighter and brighter until I emerged from the other side of the woods. It was like being in a mythological dream or fairy tale.

I love the steel blue gray glaze of the scalloped stoneware bowl from AdventuresinClay.

And I love the free-flowing forms of idea2lifestyles imaginative clothing

Many other beautiful items as well, Check them out!

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