Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Softly Enters The Dawn' by AndersenStudio

This treasury emerged from an interest in soft , simple subtle forms that gently complement each other. Like the dawn which comes in with a whispering mist and ends with the light of day, this treasury concludes with tones of the 10 O clock hour.

from one place to anoth...

Jane - 8x10 photo

bright blue winter tree...

Blue and Gold Full Patt...

The Large Helena Bow an...

Rustic . Harvest . Bowl...

Painting, small yellow...

Cloudy White Lotus Bowl

Toya Dress, black or gr...

Magnolia seed pod-02

Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub...

Falling Leaves Earrings...

QUILLS-Silver and Gunme...

Mint Vague - antiqued s...

Low Tide - Impressionis...

The Bee's Butt Hone...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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  1. This comment was posted after "Home On The Range" - but I meant for it to be posted here referencing "Softly Enters The Dawn"
    and so I am re-posting it.

    This is one of the favorite treasuries that I have created but it is getting very few comments on Etsy.

    Exposure on Etsy depends on a point system where in each comments counts for 2 points but the content of the comment registers no value A comment that says "this is the most beautiful treasury I have ever seen" will count as much as a comment that might audaciously say "this treasury is terrible".

    My first objection to participating in devised methods to tally up points is that they often require that one comment on treasuries whether one thinks they are worthy or not- and the second is that it takes too much time and time is in short supply around here.

    That is why I created this blog- to promote Etsy in an outside venue using a treasury selection system that is measured by the human eye, something computers cannot do. Computer robots that generate data for search engines read only text and not images. It takes a human to read the images and to assign value to the visuals.

    The Etsy point system may be improved by the recently added function which enables favoriting treasuries and there by launching them on the stream of activity that flows through the Etsy circles which are generated by individual choice in a method similar to Facebook- Quite fascinating.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy circles, I hope this blog will also be a great way to jump into the plethora of invigorating creativity that well curated circles generate.